You Can Make Everyday of Your Life Memorable.

It's about making your home clean, comely, stimulating, & smelling fresh all day long.


We do more than just mobbing and scrubbing and polishing

We work hard to help our clients achieve a home where they and their families can dream.

Here at CLEAN TEAM CLEANING, we believe the greatest things in life are the ones expressed in simple things as love, kindness, laughter, hope, faith, joy, happiness, …

We believe the best moments you can ever have are the ones you spend laughing ear to ear with your family. They’re the ones you spend walking barefooted in the parlour. They are the ones you spend throwing pillows at one another in the early hours of the day. They are the ones you spend on the dining table sharing happiness. They are the ones you spend making love with your spouse.

No amount of travel can give you that. No amount of beachside sun can, either. You get it right from your own home.

But this stimulating love only happens in a home that’s clean and comely. In a home that’s fresh and full of aura.

Now listen,

We are men and women like you. We’ve got amazing families too. We understand how life can be rich and stimulating in a home that’s pure and white.

So, if you’d allow us to come down to your home with our specially designed equipment, we’d clean every wall, every furniture, every carpet, every surface until your home breathes calmness, light, and love.

No matter how big or small, dark or pale, tattered or shabby your home might be, within her existence, there’s space for light. And it’s our duty to keep scrubbing and polishing and wiping until that light comes out alive.

Our company is a modest one, and we work with modesty.

It is our hope that when we’re done “deep cleaning” your home, you’ll have a home full of love, calmness and serenity where you and your family can dream.

Here Is Our Number :

You can call us anytime between 9:00am – 4:00 PM Mondays through Saturdays.

Jessica would be glad to pick your call. When you do call, tell her you’d like us to come perform full home or office therapy for you. And then she’d ask you a few short questions regarding the size of your home. And please don’t get upset when she begins to ask about your children. She’s insanely fascinated about children.

Many people have actually asked to see Jessica after talking to her on the phone. Some even insisted we come along with her during cleaning. She’s one hell of a smiling little thing.

Some people have this Honest-to-God believe their home is fine and clean, they don’t need our service.  of course they don’t. They sweep and scrub and mob every day.

Well, sweeping and mobbing is a lot of hard work. But it’s not enough to make your home illuminating.

Here’s what happens as you live in your home day in day out: Dirt and dust accumulates invisibly in the background. They gradually change the colour, tone, and temperature of your home. And because that’s where you live every day, you may never notice them. That’s why many of our clients, after we thoroughly screw their homes, find it heart-breaking to accept that all along they’ve been living in, as some of them called it, semi slum.

Here Is Our Number :

You can call us anytime between 9:00am – 4:00 PM Mondays through Saturdays.