Turn the Internet Into Your Sales Woman

We make the world less shitty by creating revolutionary ads that help our clients sell every grain there is to be sold.

Dixcover Technologies is a design and marketing studio. We inspire brands and businesses to think far, challenge the norms and find new ways of selling and communicating with the universe.
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We Help Brands Market the Sh*t Out of Their Products and Services

Whatever you sell: shoes, wines, happiness, crypto, insurance… If you’re willing to go wild and unapologetic, you can use the internet to sell every grain there is to be sold. We help brands go wild and unapologetic doing so.

Your Prospects Would Almost Always Ignore You... That's Where We Come In.

The trouble with marketing is that your prospects would almost never listen to you. They would ignore and oppose your marketing effort. That’s why the simple truth isn’t always enough to get the products moving. Sometimes it must be staged.