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By working out, we learn to persevere, endure, and push our human limits beyond what we thought impossible. If we all take the working out attitude and put it into other areas of our lives, we’d be damn unstoppable. 

At Simplygym, much more than being physically fit, we train ourselves to be unstoppable at everything we do. In the gym or in our lives.

we Help People Transform Their Body and Mind

Many of us see working out as a mere physical activity. But it is more of mental activity than it is physical. When you push beyond yourself, it’s not your body pushing. It’s your mind. For every pound you lose or every muscle you build, your mind undergoes a greater transformation. Your body goes as far as your mind permits.

At Simply gym, we have an array of facilities, trainers, and a lineup of activities to help build your body and mind. We understand that when you walk through our front door, you’re not just paying to use our facilities. You’re paying for a transformation. That’s what we help you achieve!

Method . Results

Many people believe working out should be tough, rough, and painful. We don’t. There’s a method to it. We help you get fine results while you catch fun

Getting Fit is a Serious Business. But it Starts with a Decision

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Why Choose Simply Gym

Each Simply Gym is slightly different but the range of facilities are wide!


Each club has a huge range of all types of equipment, from cardio-vascular to weights to functional machines.


All clubs have plenty of free parking.


You’ll find showers, lockers, hair driers and sockets available.


Our Personal Trainers are on hand to assist you with your training and provide complimentary inductions.


For the ladies who prefer training in a ladies only environment these areas are in addition to the main gym.


Each club has a wide range of both fixed machines and free weights.


Facilities vary by club but some have spa areas featuring saunas, steam rooms, aromatherapy and sun beds.


All classes are included in membership. Check out your local timetable on the club webpages.

when you change yourself, you change the world.

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