The Transformation is Here Already, And We're Making It Go Round

It’s not just because solar energy is clean, saves cost and gives almost a lifetime of non-stop power. It’s our reality. It’s our only chance to keep the world breathing.

We’re a solar company. We install and sell solar equipment. But much more than doing so, we’re making the world a safer and a happier place to be – one panel at a time.

Making the World Happy Begins With Making the Humans in it Happy

Solar energy is making millions of people across the globe happy. If there’s one thing we learned from these happy people, it is that for a long time they put off the decision to go solar until one day when they…

Well, it’s always a love story because going solar usually turns out to be the best decision they ever took. Much because it’s a one-time investment that translates to almost a lifetime of power, love, happiness, and comfort.

We make going solar seamless for people.

Getting a quotation is free and it's a good first step into going solar.

We understand, getting in touch with us might be an unwanted stretch to you. But think about it, it takes less than 3 mins to do so

Our Products and Services

1. Full Solar Installation

2. Partial Installation Services

Inverter-only installation

If your PHCN supply is decent, we can install just an inverter without solar This will provide uninterrupted power for the hours when PHCN is unavailable. This is also a cost-effective way to get started with solar without making the full investment at once. We can add-on solar when the time is right.

Solar-only installation

If you already have an inverter, we can install just the solar part to supplement charging your inverter from PHCN. 
Instantly see how much it would cost to add solar to existing inverter setup with our solar-only cost estimator.

3. Other Services

System maintenance

– We can maintain systems even if they were not originally installed by us
– Battery replacement, top-off (for flooded batteries), desulphation (can improve the life of old batteries), equalization.
– Solar panel repositioning, cleaning, and expansion.
– Charge controller and inverter repair/upgrade.
– Sign-up for our free care service


We provide financing to allow you spread the payments for your system over several months with reasonable and negotiable terms.

Energy Audit

A thorough energy audit will allow us discover and recommend ways to get more out of your solar system e.g. replacing light fixtures with efficient alternatives, energy-saving settings on TVs, etc. 
Request an energy audit today.

4. Specialized Services

Solar Water Pump

​A solar water pump does not require batteries so they can function with minimal maintenance for several years. Compared to conventional water pumps that might be powered by petrol/diesel generators, the investment on a solar water pump pays off in 1-2 years.

Solar Security Systems

​A good security system needs a reliable power source. We offer bundled packages for solar-powered street lights and solar-powered CCTV systems.

Thinking of How to Go Solar?